There are tons of different software systems out there to help you run your business. There are tools for every aspect of your business, but sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to determine what tool you need. The Alacritous Solutions Team is versed in many different systems that can integrate with your accounting software. Aside from using Quickbooks Online to manage your accounting, there are systems specific to every industry, systems for invoicing, systems for bill pay, processing payroll, managing inventory, Point of Sales, and many more.

Below are some of the many systems we manage for our clients and that we think are great tools to help run your business more efficiently.

  • to manage all of your vendor payments
  • Paychex and Gusto for payroll processing
  • Shopify and Square for Point of Sales
  • Houzz for Interior Designers for invoicing, purchase orders, and project management
  • Jobber for cleaning and handy man service companies

These systems can do so much, but every business is different and every process is different so most of tools will not do 100% of what you need. One rule I follow is can I get 80% of my process managed by this system and then I can manage the other 20% with work arounds or adjusting my current process. Here are some steps to help you to find the best system for your needs.

  • Document your current process step by step to determine where systems, data and people are involved
  • Create a document with your system/process requirements. What are you Must Haves, Should Haves and Nice to Haves?
  • Determine who should manage the system. If everything was automated there would be no need for employees, so you will still need someone to manage the system to make sure the processes are correct and the data going in and out is correct. Don’t let it become “Garbage in, Garbage out”!
  • Try before you by! Many systems have trials period so you can test with sample processes and data. Test these out to see how the user interface looks and confirm it does what it says it does. Make sure the user interface feels intuitive to use. You can also chat with their sales reps or get on a quick call to talk through their system and make sure it meets your requirements.